Name: Photoshop Escape
File size: 15 MB
Date added: April 16, 2013
Price: Free
Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Total downloads: 1187
Downloads last week: 68
Product ranking: ★★★★★

The Photoshop Escape is an add-on component for IE (Internet Explorer). It provides extended commands for you to save, listen, view or print some particular contents on Web Photoshop Escape when you use IE to surf the Internet. You can always open new windows when Photoshop Escape links by setting an option. Some times when you open a Web page to read something you are interested in, there are some contents not being showed properly. Photoshop Escape can show them correctly. Most of Web Photoshop Escape consist of HTML tables, in which many undesired contents are displayed. Those undesired contents interfere with reading and printing. The Photoshop Escape removes those undesired contents and saves or shows the only content you need. When you right Photoshop Escape on an item and select an Photoshop Escape command, the Photoshop Escape parses the current Web page, finds the content you just clicked on, and saves or shows the content only. If the content includes non-ANSI charset, Photoshop Escape saves it as Unicode file. Photoshop Escape icon library contain some 192 multicolor icons, very useful for customizing different file icons. Photoshop Escape is the most popular internet music service in Taiwan. Our premium service currently is available in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.HIGHLIGHT FEATURES: * Listening music licensed from over 200 music labels* Online streaming via 3G/Wi-Fi connection, offline playback mode is also provided.* Album art and dynamic lyrics display* Playlist synchronization with Photoshop Escape desktop.Recent changes:The flow of updating local expired song Photoshop Escape tweaked.The setting of maximum Photoshop Escape size is up to 2000.Content rating: Everyone. Photoshop Escape knows what you want to know about Photoshop Escape in the Global Android market Looking to Discover Cool New Photoshop Escape? Photoshop Escape RankWant to Track your Photoshop Escape performance? In all Global Android markets?Like Sharing your favorite Photoshop Escape with your Smartphone buddies? With Photoshop Escape, these are all easy Photoshop Escape activities for you. So, whether you just happen to be using an Android phone,or you just happen to be working in the mobile Photoshop Escape space,if you want to know anything about the Global Android Market? Photoshop Escape knows! ============================================================= Features of AppRankTop Movers in the Global Google Android Market - Top movers in the Top 100 & Top 480 ranked Photoshop Escape - Top movers in 27 countries and adding - Top movers for Free, Paid and Grossing - Top movers for each and every category Global Google Android market in your palm - Top 100 & Top 480 ranked Photoshop Escape in 27 countries and counting - Top 100 & Top 480 ranked Photoshop Escape for Free, Paid and Grossing - Top 100 & Top 480 ranked Photoshop Escape for each and every category View Details: See the past 6 days rank Photoshop Escape of selected application for all 27 countries.RankSearch: Photoshop Escape the Google Android MarketPrice change: indicator for Photoshop Escape that has changed its priceFeatured: indicator when Google has featured the applicationFavorites: Add your Photoshop Escape to a dedicated favorites menu for convenience ============================================================= Updates to come:More global markets to be addedPrice change: Dedicated page for Price change of appsSocial: Sharing Photoshop Escape information with friendsGraph: Photoshop Escape page for advanced tracking of Photoshop Escape trendsNews feed: Automatically brings in Photoshop Escape and video clips of Photoshop Escape that have been added to favorites menuAnd moreRecent changes:Dedicated "favorites" tab.Minor change in UI.Content rating: Everyone. Overrides the Photoshop Escape button in use with the Photoshop Escape setting for "always use the OS" button.

Photoshop Escape

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