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Why are you laughing? Read them aloud. She got him to do everything she wanted him to do. She wasn't friendly with him then. What do you want to do? I had my wallet stolen from my inner pocket. There is a book on the desk. I go to bed late at night. Are you referring to me? He really likes music a lot.
Godtube Downloader: - What color is it?
- He made a resolution to write in his diary every day.
- I'm exhausted.
- Please think about it.
- The fat woman was holding a monkey.
- Sorry, I didn't hear clearly.
- She's wearing a nice hat.
- Walk more slowly.
- This rule doesn't apply to first-year students.
- He cannot have done such a thing.
Do you think it's possible for me to ever sound like a native speaker? My father, my mother, my grand father, my grand mother, my sister and myself. Let me say this just once. She served me coffee. We had to walk all the way to the station. I still have a lot of work to do. Please. She admires John for his courage. Mary loses her temper easily. I feel like going for a walk this morning.

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